Adolescence is blinding yet the decisions are binding,

The embarrassment of choices were engineering, medicine or aimless winding;

At the first major crossroad and one path you must take,

Driving under the influence of parental guidance while you are only half awake,

Oh, How I wish I knew how to apply the damn brake!;

Peer pressure played a pivotal role and good-natured guidance took an unintended toll,

Engineering it had to be for a soul who was loathe to the rigmarole;

First time away from the nest, unclipped wings and a new flock to fly with,

Fast friends, loose ends, purple haze, menacing gaze, dizzy heights, fist fights and no ground beneath;

A movement is born when the rights are shorn,

the intentions are resolute but the allegiances are torn,

Nobody had to plead for him to get up and lead,

By god was he firebrand in both word and deed – but when you lead you bleed;

Felt a sharp pain shoot through the vein, Twas Cupid stupid guiding you to your Lois Lane,

Flash points with authority were as frequent as the monsoonal rain and he ran to lady love to numb the pain;

She was the best thing to happen all day long but he kept the books at a furlong,

Days turned to night and nights to day interspersed with silver linings of accomplishment in the form of cricket and ping pong;

The intellect stunted and the pen blunted, he waited for the curtains to fall on this act,

He had not grown an inch in these years was a cold hard fact;

At long last, Twas the final scene of the act but there was no fabric strong enough to weave in the story steeped in disappointment and peeve,

It took him a few years to set the wrongs right, forgive and fade away the hurt and finally take its leave;

Went back last winter to the stomping grounds of yore with a few partners in crime,

The warmth, remembrance and reception on this ocassion proved to him that the best healer of all is time.