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Do you hear nature’s impassioned plea?,

until it unleashes its fury with reckless abandon and vengeful glee;

It’s a sinister dance of death,

the magnitude, savagery and sheer spectacle of which ‘takes away the breath’;

What cruel irony that it uses the very elements that nurture humanity,

Turning air and water into weapons of carnage to remind man of his depravity;

The devastation, deluge, debris and death aren’t impressive enough to shake that doggone denial,

symptomatic of our existence today where we would even drink poison as long as it is from a diamond vial;

‘Every action has an equal and opposite reaction’ is a premise of science that even the deniers swear by,

so what did they think that Mother Nature would just spread her legs get ravaged and quietly cry!!;

A warmer ocean makes for a warmer atmosphere and one that can carry more moisture,

so the next time you bear the brunt of a cyclone be ready for some aqua-therapy till you lose your moronic mental posture;

It does not discriminate the left from the right, the liberal from the conservative, the devout from the atheist or the colored from the white,

it is a prescient warning that two wrongs will most certainly not make a right coupled with a glimpse of the impending plight;

Steady brother, steady sister, let go of that delusion, be under no illusion, beware of that natural collusion (earth’s elements),

renounce the vanity, embrace the sanity, stop watching ‘Hannity’, and be part of the solution.