Chicken 65 Love

The fiery red color which lights up the eyes of the beholder, the indisputable and irresistible aroma of deep fried chicken with the twang of yogurt infused with cumin and chili perks up the nostrils, the mind surrenders and opens the sluice gates of the salivary buds in anticipation of the first piece being parked on the palate followed by the premolars and the tongue coming down in perfect harmony to break through the crunch (read resistance) of the tempura coating and pressing through the succulence to release the latent umami respectively……….Let your imagination run amok now;)

The next piece is dunked into the yogurt sauce and a sliver of the accompanying fried Jalapeños are pressed into service to heighten the pleasure of this bite. It is truly an union conceived in heaven and forged on earth. The curry leaves serve to neutralize the palate and reset it for a completely fresh encounter quite like what coffee beans are to a perfumery.

The next piece flirts with and then steals a quick peck from the tamarind sauce that has hitherto stood love lorn and is then promptly masticated by the fully aroused mouth before the mind can enforce the bounds of gastronomic propriety.

The palate has shed all inhibitions by now. Double timing is no longer taboo. The next few dalliances alternate between a peck again from the assertive tamarind sauce and a proper French sloppy from the demure yogurt sauce.

But the mind is mad. Yeh dil manage more. Why alternate between the blonde (read yogurt) and the brunette (read tamarind) when you can have both at the same time!! Threesome it is then!!

This folks is food porn Chicken 65 style.