Movie Review: Ae Dil Hai Mushkil (2016)

KJo has killed it!

Yes, indeed he has…….he has killed it on so many different levels…..This movie is didactic for Bollywood in so many ways.

I’m bereft of words to articulate the sheer strength and depth of emotion that I experienced during and post the viewing of this movie and honestly do not think I can summon the strength to pen a review.

I shall undertake my feeble attempt nonetheless.

Let’s talk about the good things first as there aren’t many! The redeeming features of this movie are the songs which are sensational and Ash’s mature and nuanced treatment of her character are the only bright spots in an otherwise black hole of cosmic proportions (I haven’t been particularly fond of her acting up until this point but she is very persuasive in this particular instance). She has portrayed quite magnificently the quintessential cougar who is on the prowl but ends up being the one who gets ensnared in the ‘love trap’.

I was unable to control my bouts of  spontaneous laughter that surfaced on a myriad of occasions and with alarming frequency for a non-comedy and much to the chagrin I presume of the audience sitting around me.

I just kept thinking about what I would convey to my friends after I was done! How could I possibly begin to cajole my thoughts into a string of coherent sentences and then perform the onerous task of bringing them together into a review of this movie?

I shall not opine on the histrionics of Ranbir and Anushka ‘coz it is no different from what we have come to expect from these two. In this instance – Blah! (Read uninspiring; Let’s blame this on the atrocious direction)

Last but not least, let’s address the 800 lb Gorilla in the room. This Gorilla happens to be the direction of this movie.

What happened??!!! Was KJo on opioids, hallucinogens etc. during the making of this movie?

Must have been……otherwise the ‘finished product’ (use that term very loosely) wouldn’t have been such a massive ‘Cluster Fu*k’.

I think you would agree that there has to be a justification in the narrative for choosing a locale for a movie…..Why London then??
Why is the imagery so gaudy and rich???? Using the exotic sights and sounds as bait for the glamor hungry millennials?  Why the chartered plane club? Do people from other economic stratum not experience the pain of unrequited love? Why the brilliantly mind-numbing end? What gives!!!!

Where do I stop???? Screenplay and editing are perhaps the handiwork of a bunch of meth-heads!!

I think you get my general drift by now. The emotion that Kjo was attempting to immortalize on celluloid is truly a special emotion and perhaps someone who has not experienced that particular brand of pain (unrequited love) would be hard pressed to appreciate the significance of it all.

That said, the execution was so shockingly shoddy that it made an absolute mockery of that precious emotion in every conceivable way.

A line from the movie translated means ‘Love is twisted’. I agree with that sentiment except in this case it’s portrayal has been ‘twisted’ beyond recognition and redemption.

Disclaimer: I do not have an axe to grind against KJo as the homophobes, wing nuts and bigots do.