My Ode to ‘Winners all the way’

This be an ode to ‘Winners all the way’

who stopped short just a step away,

It was a journey we embarked on to reach laurel land

with racquets and camaraderie in either  hand,

The cold winter evenings were witness to the fact

that practice against all odds was an unspoken pact,

The journeymen drove, sliced, lobbed and dazzled

which left their opponents flummoxed and frazzled,

The Saturday conquests were celebrated with ale

accompanied with home cooked chili and many a tale,

The groundhog came out in time to usher in the playoffs

at a time the American industry was witnessing layoffs,

We had no time to waste but to gird up our loins

to take on fierce mercenaries chasing gold coins,

We played out of our skins and put all on the line

to reach the finals with some intervention divine,

We traveled with family and friends to a neutral venue

which had burgers, fries and a dollar a beer for a menu,

We plied out trade with unflinching intensity and unbridled enthusiasm

but our worthy adversaries had answers to our questions  even to ones seemingly without solution,

We celebrated our accomplishment  in the lair of a large-hearted bear(read Timmy)

vowing to regroup and challenge the best with purpose and our usual flair.

P.S. This is an ode to my ALTA(Atlanta Lawn Tennis Association) team to commemorate our sterling performance this season which culminated in us finishing as the city runners-up.