Mr. O is gone and Mr. T is now the don,

Bravado replaces modesty on the white house lawn;

The public wonder whose voice it really is that roars from the west wing,

A certain Mr. B by all accounts is the lion king;

The tweets unmistakably though have been typed by a gentleman with ‘huge’ hands,

because they have the fingerprints of an ego that is bedeviled by a bout of the ‘midnight rants’;

Middle America calls it plain speak,

Desperation for jobs, opportunity and a better future made their votes peak;

Don’t blame those hard-working folks for one bit,

The industries shipped out, the Dems ignored them and life has been shit;

Mr. T lets loose the lightning rod of voter fraud,

Defended to the hilt by his army of God;

He slights the Terminator from inside the Pentagon,

Hisses, throws a fit and defiles the sanctum sanctorum;

Affordable healthcare is anathema to him,

And he wants to repeal it on a cavalier whim;

He derides the nuclear deal and gives it a clobber,

yet his taxes continue to be the stuff of cloak and dagger;

He called the resurgent job numbers fraudulent on the campaign trail,

but is first off the blocks to ‘grab’ credit for the January swell;

He talks about Mr. P in the Kremlin in a reverent tone,

But reads out the riot act to the rest of the world leaders over the phone;

He wants his party to push the nuclear button in the senate,

To ram through a cabinet pick who wants guns in schools to ward off the grizzly menace;

He wants to build a wall that will cost fifteen billion,

And vows to make the neighbor pay for it or says will tax them to oblivion;

He wants to chuck the criminals and keep bad hombres out but why club the refugees and the legal immigrants as part of this rout,

Wonder what Lady Liberty would have to say if she could shout;

I sometimes feel that this is all pretense and bluster,

to please the base and pass muster;

I hope one of these days he will stop the thunder and cease to blunder,

Will work to correct Mr. O’s mistakes and not rip everything he did asunder;

Tweak Obamacare, Tweak foreign policy, Tweak economic policy, Fix immigration Mr. President,

You are the main man now, the nation accepts that you are the legit White House resident;

Not for a moment am I suggesting you ditch your renegade style and fall into a hackneyed file,

but you must now reach out across the aisle and dwell on the magic of bipartisanship for a while;

Mr. T – No quarterback is beyond reproach,

but how will you make the winning plays when you got the wrong coach;

It’s time to consign your coach and twitter handle into a trash can,

And to Make America great again with the attitude of Yes WE can;

You have done enough by way of executive action, to display your gratitude to your loyalist faction,

Now it’s time to govern America from the middle, the land which is home to John, Julie, Javier, Jesus, Deshawn, Hialeah, Abdul, Zhang, Deepak, Yolanda and Jackson;

Oh by the way the Judiciary is an independent branch of the government according to the Constitution!

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